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Nike Pullover Therma Flex Top

And the rest of the cast?

So that's how I look at acting. I love the game so much that I'll play with anybody. If you got a web series and I've got the time and you got a dream and you have a student film, whatever, if you're trying to make art and is something that I am intrigued by, then I'll play if there's the time and availability.

I noticed on your IMDb thing that your profile there, there are like 15 movies and projects listed as 2013/2014. So I was wondering what makes a guy decide to do a TV series while he's already busy juggling all this other stuff?

Well, there are some basic requirements. One is that it has to be interesting to me. It has to capture my attention. I'm not interested in playing just another empty suit or just another cop or just another, whatever. There's a lot of stock characters out there that people can make a living out of doing. I'm not interested so much in that. It has to be intriguing to me because if I'm not interested in it, it will be difficult to get somebody else to be interested in what it is I'm doing, just as a character.

It was a matter of survival, he said, and a mother who made sure he pulled his weight.

"Why would someone deliberately take it on the chin so often from this person who's a criminal and not really throw stones back?" he said. "I'm as interested in finding out why that is as everybody else."

A lot of these movies I've done like one day of work on, you know what I mean? Sometimes somebody says, "Hey, I'm doing a movie. Will you come and play with us?" And I say, "Yeah. I'd love to play."

"He never discusses it, nor does Reddington, but clearly there is a lot of water under the bridge there, and maybe some over it as well," Lennix said, laughing. "But they have what appears to be a reluctant allegiance to each other in some way, at least in apprehending criminals."

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Ever since he was earning acclaim as a young theater actor in Chicago, Harry Lennix has never rested on his laurels. CT Mondays, began with longtime fugitive Raymund "Red" Reddington (James Spader) turning himself in to the FBI with a promise to cooperate in catching terrorists and other criminals, but only as long as he can work exclusively with rookie profiler Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone).

While he couldn't reveal too much about the characters, Lennix said he is just as curious as fans to learn more about why Cooper keeps his cool in the face of Red's open disdain.

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Nike Pullover Therma Flex Top

student and his first big notices were for a 1988 production of "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" at Pegasus Players. He appeared frequently on Chicago stages, but never quit his day job jobs. He also taught elementary school and ran a grocery store on the South Side.

Nike Pullover Therma Flex Top

Lennix and I talked more about his new role, his past roles and how he decides what roles to take.

Nike Pullover Therma Flex Top

It appears that there will be sort of a terrorist of the week kind of thing. But I like all the side stories and the mysterious connections. Are you finding little surprises when you're checking out the scripts and everything?

Harold Cooper is the assistant director of counterterrorism for the FBI. And he evidently has a long relationship, however mysterious, with Raymond Reddington. So he's an interesting guy on the periphery. It's a supervisory periphery, but it's nonetheless pretty interesting.

No, I have not, but I do find it curious that Harold Cooper never says anything bad about Reddington really. He politic enough to know what not to say. So I'm curious about that.

What makes you decide on a role?

His job in "The Blacklist" came at a time when the veteran actor was exploring another showbiz job: that of a producer. He starred in and produced the film "Mr. Sophistication," a double duty he replicates for the upcoming film "H4." His IMDb resume boasts more than a dozen acting projects for 2013 14, although he says many of them involved just a day's work.

Yes. I enjoy getting these scripts. It's an interesting thing because we where finding out a lot as it goes on as well what's going on here in the story. Why is this man so obsessed with this young woman? Why did he turn himself in to us? Is he playing us or are we playing him? I would imagine that somebody like Cooper didn't get there because of affirmative action, he got there because he's good at his job and he knows how to read people and how to work people. But is Red always a step ahead? Does Cooper know more then what he's letting on? What is going on in the home life of Elizabeth Keen? These things are all carrots on the stick for people who may want to tune in and find out the answers. But when you got an infinitely compelling character in Reddington, because he knows a lot and he gets to move around a little more than somebody else's under the, the only way to say it is under the aegis of the FBI.

Lennix stars as FBI Assistant Director for Counterterrorism Harold Cooper, who seems to know the career Nike More Uptempo Black White

Tell me about Harold Cooper in "The Blacklist."

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´╗┐Harry Lennix interview Blacklist Chicago TV

I enjoy working with James Spader immensely. He's a terrific actor. He's thoughtful, he's intelligent, he's creative, he's extremely well prepared. So you don't always get that combination of invention and deliberation. He's a very deliberate actor and that's a joy to work across from him.

I noticed Reddington shows a lot Nike Pullover Therma Flex Top of disdain and sort of disrespect for Cooper. It appears they had some history. Have you discovered was that is?

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Lennix has never been short of stamina. He starred in his first Chicago theater production as an 18 year old Northwestern Nike More Uptempo Release 2016

"She's like, 'Look, you're not gonna lay in the house all day, you got to pay rent and you got to go get a job,'" he said. "'You're not gonna be here sitting around while I'm working. It's not gonna happen.'"

Nike Pullover Therma Flex Top

The other thing is that given the circumstance of one's life, there maybe something that I'm not terribly excited about but pays well and it does not, as it says in the Hippocratic oath, it does no harm. That's first, do no harm. So as long as it's not pornography or something demeaning or something along those lines and I need a paycheck, I'm a professional actor. Listen, I love the Yankees but if I'm Hanley Ramirez or something and the Dodgers offered me a contract, I'm playing for the Dodgers. So it's just that simple. I'm a gun for hire. That's the nature of the business. It is not show art, it's show business. So at a certain point those factors become important.

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criminal better than he's letting on.

Are you enjoying your time sparring with James?

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Everybody is very, very nice, very professional. Everybody wants the Nike Air More Uptempo Amazon

show the work. We're doing everything we can to make sure that it's a good show and that people enjoy it.

Michael Jordan was playing basketball he had a clause in his contract and it was called "The Love of the Game Clause," where as most professional NBA players would not be able to play in pickup games at a school ground because they might get injured, Michael Jordan had a special clause that allowed him to play whenever and wherever he wanted to play.

Nike Pullover Therma Flex Top

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